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New Era Fighting is currently taking applications for fighters and models.  The anticipated close date of applications has not yet been set.

Posted Date:10/26/2006

New Era will be looking to give back to the community by having it's fighters speak publicly on issues affecting our society today.

Posted Date : 2/10/2006




Wanted: Tough Guys

SANTA ANA, California (May 16, 2007) – So, you think you’re a tough guy, huh?


If giving and taking beatings is a way of life, or most of the time you proudly display bruises and lacerations as badges of honor, you may be a perfect candidate.


Boxers, grapplers and mixed martial arts experts. Let’s see what you got, bro!


New Era Fighting (NEF) is looking for tough guys to tryout and its initial session on July 18-20 at Quiet Cannon (AKA QC’s in Montebello) in Montebello, California for its “World’s Toughest Man” contest.


NEF is the hottest organization on the international mixed martial arts scene, combining the UFC’s raw brutality with the WWE’s entertaining storylines outside the ring.


“We’re like the American Idol of combat fighting,” NEF president Ron Kort explained. “We will have the baddest street-fighting heavyweights in the world fighting on our shows. We’ve issued a challenge to anybody who weighs a minimum of 205 pounds, as long as they have the balls and guts its to take to be an NEF warrior. Our tryouts will be conducted under a set of rules insuring fighter safety as well constant action. New Era Fighting is going to revolutionize the fight game. Oh, we’re looking for hot babes, too. They’ll play a critical role in our shows.”


Fighter (minimum of 205 rounds) and female model registration is currently being held online at www.NewEraFighting.com, and those selected will be invited to sign-ins held Wednesday, July 18 from 5 PM/PT to 8:30 PM/PT. Warm-ups and a rules meeting will be on Thursday afternoon and fight tryouts are scheduled Thursday and Friday evenings, July 19-20.


Combat fighters selected from the July 18-20 tryouts will automatically advance to the next round, where they will fight each other in a tournament format to eventually determine 10 survivors. The 10 tryout survivors, as well as fighters already signed to NEF promotional contracts, will compete

on a show in several months for the right to be crowned “World’s Toughest Man.


The “World’s Toughest Man” contest winner will then be offered an anticipated $1,000,000 winner-take-all purse to fight living legend Kimo Leopoldo, headlining a full card for a pay-per-view broadcast live from Las Vegas at a date to be determined.


”The NEF tryouts are two-fold,” Kort added. “It’s a talent search like American Idol, but for street fighters to sign promotional contracts with us, and we’ll get an idea about who the favorites will probably be in the ‘World’s Toughest Man’ contest. We’re going to broadcast the tryouts on air internationally. The ‘World’s Toughest Man’ contest isn’t the only thing happening in New Era Fighting, The fighters we sign also will be candidates to fight on our first major show, tentatively in August, at avenue in southern California or Las Vegas.”


Food, beverages and T-shirts will be sold throughout the tryouts. NEF fighters already under contract will be available to the public for meet-and-greet sessions throughout the tryouts. All fighters are eligible to compete in the WTC tryouts. Do you have what it takes, tough guy?


NEF Stable of Fighters

 Kimo Leopoldo (aka Kimo Therapy)                      Huntington Beach, CA

Aaron Brink    (aka Bad Boy)                                   Huntington Beach, CA

Liron Wilson (aka Da Icon)                                      Fresno, CA

Frederick Steen (aka Death Wish)             Valinda, CA

Christopher Scheminder (aka The Marine)           Chadron, NE

John George  (aka Machine Gun                             Corona, CA

Joel Garcia (aka Felon)                                           Pomona, CA

Rick Arballo                                                               San Diego, CA

Luis Figueroa (aka Spooky)                                    San Diego, CA

Eric Denham                                                             Santa Ana, CA

Ethen Cox                                                                  Long Beach, CA

Mychal Clark (aka Bolo)                                           Seattle, WA

Alan Garcia Castillo (aka Maniac)                          Santa Ana, CA

Odsar Borboa                                                           Whitter, CA

Marlon Timothy Bonds (aka Blacky Chang)           Los Angeles, CA

Sean Belote (aka Arrogant Bastard)                      Covina, CA


For more information about New Era Fighting call 714.973.3053/714.448.9999 or go on line to www.newerafighting.com.





Bob Trieger

Full Court Press





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