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New Era Fighting is currently taking applications for fighters and models.  The anticipated close date of applications has not yet been set.

Posted Date:10/26/2006

New Era will be looking to give back to the community by having it's fighters speak publicly on issues affecting our society today.

Posted Date : 2/10/2006




New Era Fighting signs
ex-Porn star Aaron Brink


SANTA ANA, California (January 18, 2007) Ex-porn star Aaron Brink has signed a promotional contract to fight for New Era Fighting (NEF), the emerging mix martial arts organization featuring combat fighting legend Kimo Leopoldo, NEF president Ron Kort announced today.


Brink is NEFs first signed fighter since Kimo but, as Kort noted, numerous signings will be announced in the coming weeks as NEF prepares for its inaugural show, tentatively scheduled for May 11 in southern California.


Were excited to sign Aaron Brink, Kort said. Hes had opportunities in this industry but he wanted to comeback and show the MMA world what kind of fighter he is at 100-percent. Aaron has the driving desire to be an awesome fighter. He has a jaw, fist and body of steel. Now hes ready to rock and roll. Brink is rock solid with a well-muscled body and only 3-percent body fat. He believes in using his iron fist, not submission moves, to put on a show. He uses his internal rage and violence fists, elbows, knees, whatever.


We want fighters in the NEF with character, like Aaron, who come into the ring displaying their fighting ability, not worrying about losing their job if they lose a fight. Fighters are accepting the opportunity NEF is offering them and we will be signing a lot of hot, new talent this month. We will have fighters using their instincts and character. Aaron Brink believes hes the Worlds Toughest Man and New Era Fighting is going to be the stage for him to prove it.


Brink, 32, lives and trains in Huntington Beach, California. He started fighting in 1997 but left for San Fernando Valley in 2002 to pursue a career in porno movies. I had an up-and-down MMA career and left for San Pornando Valley to become a porn star, he explained. I acquired vices attributed to the porn lifestyle. I tried to do both (MMA and porn) but I didnt train seriously. I showed up for some fights with porn producers working my corner.


Former MMA fighter John The Machine Lober, Brinks manager, contacted Aaron about returning fulltime to the ring, and he gave up his porn career and started his MMA comeback.


I started with John Lober and hes managing my career again, Aaron remarked. At 32, I decided to comeback and had practice fights with some other MMA fighters at my level. I went to the (NEF) tryouts to announce that Im back. I signed with NEF and Im getting better each day. Im down to 3-percent body fat, ride 50 miles a day on my back, run and do pull-ups.  I never bothered training like this before. I was always a world-class puncher but everybody in MMA knew that and knew all they had to do was weather the story and not let me hit them in the face. Now, Im also doing extensive groundwork, so Im boxing and grappling.


The 6-3, 227 pound Brink has a boxing and kickboxing background, taught in the pre-porn days by well- known boxing trainer Jessie Reid and today, coached by Reid protg Jason Parillo. Aaron plans on proving hes the most feared puncher in MMA since Tank Abbott.


Brink is a good friend of Kimo, arguably the baddest street fighter of all-time, who fought the best in the UFC, PRIDE, Rumble on the Rock, K-1, Cage Rage and Extreme Wars. Were real good friends, Aaron added. I love and respect that guy.


Doing porn and MMA is impossible. Im done with porn. Nobody will stop me now. Im real happy to be back, fighting for New Era Fighting. I will go through anybody they put me in with, like a knife through butter.


Fists of iron, abs of steel; Aaron Brink has gone from MMA to porn and back. Now its his turn to punch his way to glory.


For more information about New Era Fighting call 714.973.3053/714.448.9999 or go on line to www.newerafighting.com.






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